Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mets wait and fans wonder

I've run out of patience with Minaya's moves, and I doubt I'm the only Met fan who has. Minaya's made offers to Bay and Molina; however, neither seems overly interested in relocating to Queens.

Why didn't the Mets pursue Jason Marquis? The Nats signed him to a two-year deal for $15 million. Couldn't the Mets afford that? Marquis will never win a Cy Young, but's he's much better than Oliver Perez. Last season, Marquis had a 4.04 ERA pitching for Colorado. Other than Santana, no Met starter had a better ERA last season.

The prospect of having a starting staff in 2010 that includes Maine, Pelfrey, and Perez isn't hope-inspiring. Every passing day that Minaya neither signs nor trades for at least one starting pitcher that can upgrade the staff lengthens the shadow that will fall upon CitiField this coming season.

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