Saturday, August 25, 2007

Strange things sometimes happen in baseball

Yesterday, both the Mets Oliver Perez and the Zephyrs Jason Vargas pitched similar games. Each pitched seven innings of shutout ball. Perez last pitched that many innings of runless baseball on June 15. When Vargas last did that wasn't available on the Zephyrs Web site. The big difference between the two was in walks and strikeouts with Vargas showing better control of his pitches.


I found it strange because neither has been pitching that well of late, especially Vargas. For both of them to pitch good games on the same day was just amazin' to me. May it happen more often.

The two don't compare as well in their last 10 starts. In his last 10, Perez was 6-4, giving up 26 earned runs and 58 hits in 59.2 innings. His ERA was 3.92. Vargas didn't fare as well. In his last 10, Vargas, also a lefty, was 3-3. He gave up more earned runs (33) and more hits (63) in fewer innings (51.1). His ERA was 5.79 ERA.


  1. good to see Vargas have a good start, though he'll need a few more like that before he starts instilling confidence.

  2. and by the way, even stranger things are happening - Williams matched Vargas' start yesterday with a similar one today! Think they will come around?

  3. snk,

    I would have liked to have seen the Zephyrs get three good pitching performances in a row, but Bostick couldn't make it three. He continues to struggle with his control.