Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's your favorite Mets blog?

I know the question in today's title might seem strange, but I'm not seeking "pats on the back" from visitors. I'm asking because in my other blog, writerhoward, I recently started a series of articles about baseball bloggers whose blogs focus on one major league team.

As my blog is a "new guy on the block," I'm seeking recommendations of Mets blogs that are "more established." They're where I envision metbaseball being in the not-too-distant future. High Google ranking, wide readership, many page links.

I've already interviewed bloggers for two teams, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs. Two down, one in the mill (the Tigers), and 25 to go.

One of those 25 will be a Mets blogger.

So if you also read another Mets blog that could meet my criteria (high Google ranking, etc.), share what makes it special. Tell me about it by leaving a comment — but only if the blog's well written. The last thing I have time for is to read a blog written by someone who's "writing-challenged."


  1. I don't know how to objectively measure "Google ranking," but Blastings! Thrilledege isn't too hard to find.


  2. I can't even spell the name of my own blog.

  3. Sorry to flood your comments, but Faith and Fear in Flushing is without a doubt the best Mets blog in the universe.

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  5. John,

    That's a good question. I'm not sure how to "objectively measure" a Google ranking either.

    What's unique about Blastings! Thrilledge?

    What do you like about Faith and Fear? What makes it the "best Mets blog in the universe"?

  6. Okay, I remember how to get Google's page ranking. You need to have the Google toolbar installed. I have it on IE7. Your site's page rank is 4/10.

  7. I like the metropolitans the best, followed by the eddie kranepool society and it's mets for me.

    No particular reason. I think it's because none of the bloggers take themselves too seriously.

    I can't think of a Yankees blog that I like at all.

  8. Hey Sidd Finch. Interesting name.

    I'd never heard of "It's Mets for Me." I'll have to check it out.