Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mets 2008 starting rotation

On Mets discussion boards during the past week or so Mets fans have been flinging their thoughts around faster than George W. Bush can double-talk. One of the more "eye-catching" posts offered this as the poster's desired starting rotation for 2008:

Pedro Martinez
Johan Santana
Curt Schilling
Oliver Perez
Mike Pelfrey

Maine's not listed because he was traded for Santana.

Now I can live with Martinez, Santana, and Perez. Pelfrey? I would have traded him instead of Maine.

Schilling I wouldn't have touched. Next September he'll be celebrating #40. The Mets need to lower their average age, not add another old-timer to their roster, especially one whose won-lost record was barely able to beat the .500 mark (It was 9-8).

If I had my druthers, here's the starting rotation I'd like to see the Mets have next season:

Pedro Martinez
Johan Santana
Oliver Perez
John Maine
Philip Humber

Humber? Have I lost my marbles? He pitched better in Triple-A than did Pelfrey and deserves a shot. He has a chance at being as good as Bannister, a pitcher the Mets didn't even bother to give a chance this year.

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