Friday, December 18, 2009

Did the Phillies goof?

The Philadelphia Phillies trade of Cliff Lee could backfire on them. Lee has a year and $9 million left on his contract, so it wasn't as if Ruben Amaro Jr. had to trade Lee now. He had time to try to sign Lee to a new deal.

Imagine if he didn't. The Phillies would then begin the 2010 season with Halliday, Lee, Hamels, and Happ as four of their starters. That would give them one of the best starting rotations in baseball. Instead, their starting four will probably be Halliday, Hamels, Happ, and Blanton, a far less impressive group.

The Mets can be thankful for what Amaro did. It's too bad that Mets fans can't be thankful for anything that Minaya's done this off-season.

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