Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A question for Fred

Fred Wilpon, what were you thinking? Why did you build a ballpark that doesn't suit your best hitters? It's so large that Beltran and Wright are struggling to reach the fences. Unless you plan to move in the fences, I hope you're planning to start stocking the team with singles and doubles hitters and with outfielders who have enough speed to roam the large stretches of outfield grass. Of course, that would eliminate most of the outfielders on the current roster.

Speaking of power-hitting outfielders, this past off-season Raul Ibanez signed a three-year, $31.5 million deal with the Phillies. Sure, he's 36 years old, but who would you rather have playing left field. Ibanez or whoever it is that the Mets are currently inserting into that slot.

In only 61 games Ibanez already has 22 homers and 59 RBIs. His OPS is 1.037. Unfortunately, when the Mets had the chance to sign him they instead left their piggybank on the shelf, unopened, just as they did with Derek Lowe.

Yesterday, the Mets won, but in one of those odd occurrences, Bobby Parnell got charged with two runs even though he gave up only two singles and neither baserunner scored on his watch. There's something wrong with baseball's scoring system when a pitcher such as Parnell should bear full responsibility if his successor allows his baserunners to score. They should at least share the responsibility.

Now for some good news. In Triple-A, Larry Broadway won his first game. Six innings, three hits, one earned run. His ERA is now down to 5.97.

For those of you who visit Brooklyn, the Cyclones are assembling their 2009 team. Here is their current roster.

Where's Reese Havens? According to Baseball America, "Havens has yet to play this month as he’s been on the DL with a quadriceps injury. A first-round pick last year, Havens is hitting .228/.343/.413 in 44 games with high Class A St. Lucie, and he’s also committed 15 errors."

If the Mets gave an award for most games missed by a minor league due to injuries, Havens would be a contender for it.

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