Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farm short of quality stock

A baseball blog in today's New York Post titled Bushes Top 10 Mets Prospects reveals the underwhelming state of the Mets farm system. The blog lists these players as forming the Top 10:

1. Fernando Martinez
2. Brad Holt
3. Wilmer Flores
4. Jenrry Mejia
5. Ike Davis
6. Jonathon Niese
7. Ruben Tejada
8. Eddie Kunz
9. Scott Shaw
10. Josh Thole

No wonder why the Minaya continue to have to depend on free agency and trades to field a decent team. After #4 I'd be surprised if any of the players make a significant contribution to the Big Club, maybe Thole.

In a ranking of MLB teams that appeared in the New York Daily News, the Mets were ranked as the 13th best team in baseball. Here's what the article's author, Jesse Spector, said about the Mets:
The Mets have nine losses in their last 15 games, during which the opponents have included the Pirates, Nationals and Orioles. After a strong start, Bobby Parnell has come undone, with a 6.43 ERA in his last 12 appearances.

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