Monday, June 22, 2009

Parnell fizzles again

The Mets bullpen is melting down faster than an iceberg that drifted into Florida waters. Yesterday, Bobby Parnell's inability to get batters out caused the Mets to carve another notch in the loss column. And as bad as the loss was, the comments that Jerry Manuel made to writer Marty Noble were even stranger:
"Manuel explained his call for Parnell oddly, saying he didn't want Parnell in the 'pen fretting about his recent shortfalls, and, "I was looking forward to getting Parnell back on the mound," Manuel said. "I was probably overanxious in that. I could have gone the other way."
Is Parnell another Mets pitcher with a fragile ego?

Of the last 28 batters Parnell has faced, he's retired only 12. Yet Manuel is eager to get Parnell "back on the mound"? What he should be eager about doing is returning Parnell to the minor leagues. When Ollie wasn't getting the job done, he was sent down. Why is Parnell still on the Mets roster?

In Buffalo, the Bisons, who lost another game today, have a reliever with a 2.56 ERA. Sure, he flubbed his first shot with the Mets last season, but so did Fernando Martinez this season. That shouldn't prevent him from getting a second chance. The pitcher: Eddie Kunz.

Finally, the Cyclones did yesterday what the Mets haven't been able to do lately on a consistent basis: Win a series. But that's not surprising given that their roster contains players who are not in their first professional season. In fact, at least one is in his third minor league season. It used to be that short-season ball was for new signees, but the Mets changed that rule. Whoever is running the Mets minor league organization (Tony Bernazard?) seems confused.

There was good news in baseball today: Donald Fehr is retiring.

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