Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are Mets discovering an identity?

In his third at-bat upon returning to the Mets this season, Nick Evans blasted a hanging curve into the left field stands. He finished the game 2-4. Yet in Triple-A, he struggled to hit .200. Did he not want to play in Triple-A?

Evans blast was one of the Mets 16 hits, more than enough support to earn starter Fernando Nieve his third win. He's yet to lose this season. When Perez and Maine return, it would be a big mistake if the Mets return Nieve to the bullpen. But it wouldn't be surprising. Minaya makes strange moves, such as signing both Castillo and Perez to three-year contracts.

Though they won, the Mets continue to struggle to find an identity. It seems that they're a bunch of individuals still trying to figure out how to play together to win games. For awhile it seemed they were suffering from an identity crisis. It's interesting that when some of their biggest names are on the bench they're starting to jell.

The Cyclones also had a big day, plating 10 runners. Newcomer Alex Gregory went 3-5, driving in two runs. And down in the Gulf Coast League, 18-year-old catcher Nelfi Zapata got two hits. Remember that name. Drafted 19th this year, I think he'll be one of the few draftees to make it to the Big Club.

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