Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minaya should follow Sather's lead

Mets fans, there's hope. All Minaya has to do is follow the lead of Rangers GM Glen Sather who just dumped his largest contract (five years left on a deal signed in 2007 for seven years and $51.5 million) by trading 29-year-old Scott Gomez to Montreal for three players, including the Canadians #1 prospect and their #11 prospect.

So who can the Mets trade? Castillo? He has no trade value. Reyes? I'd trade him but I doubt Minaya would? Putz? I'd trade him for prospects. Perez? Sure, but who wants him? It's amazing how few veterans on the team have trade value. Maybe the Mets can get a few good prospects for Pelfrey.

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