Monday, June 29, 2009

Mets management making poor decisions

If the Mets had just about any other owner, I'd have some hope that he would undo the damage that Minaya has done to the Mets; however, the Mets have one of the worst owners in sports, so I'm not optimistic.

I can't believe that Fernando Martinez is still on the Mets roster. He's hitting .169, yet he was in the starting lineup yesterday against the Yankees. Why? In Buffalo, Cory Sullivan is hitting .279. More important, he has four seasons of Major League experience. In 927 Big League at-bats he's averaged .279; yet Sullivan remains on the Bisons roster while Martinez is roaming center field for the Mets. Why?

Given the Mets need for another right-handed bat, it puzzles me that they didn't make a serious attempt to get Mark DeRosa. St. Louis got him for a reliever and a player to be named later.

Yesterday, the Mets were so bad they made Chien-Ming Wang look good. His successful outing against the Mets lowered his ERA for this season to 10.06.

Some sportswriters were raving about Oliver Perez's rehab outing yesterday. He pitched well, but he was pitching for the Brooklyn Cyclones. I take his performance in that outing as seriously as I take the fact that Fernando Martinez got a single in four at-bats yesterday. Doesn't prove anything.

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