Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mets miseries continue

Baseball America just released its list of the best and worst Minor League teams. One Mets team was listed: Buffalo. It was ranked as the second worst team in Minor League baseball. Overall, the Mets farm system is ranked 17th.

Yesterday, the Mets lost again with Santana on the mound. The whole team is falling apart. Sure, some players are injured, but Santana isn't. And Minaya seems unsure about what to do. There's nobody in the minors he can call up who'll make a difference, and a trade would appear to be an act of desperation, especially if he gives up some good prospects for a second-line player. Minaya's backed himself into a corner and, right now, is just sitting in it.

In last night's lineup, Fernando Martinez was again in the starting lineup. Why? Despite his lone hit, he's hitting .186.

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