Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Met pitchers pitch well

The Mets bats went limp yesterday. Against the Braves, they were only able to push one run across the plate in a 5-1 loss. However, though their batters couldn't perform, their first two pitchers did.

Starter Jonathan Niese, vying for the fifth starter spot, pitched four innings of two-hit ball. He did give up two runs; however, both scored on one pitch, which Josh Anderson hit for a home run. The Mets second pitcher, Bobby Parnell, pitched no-hit, no-run ball. Too bad it was just for one inning. But then, the Mets appear to be considering him for the bullpen, though I've read some rumors that he's being considered for the fifth starter role.

Some of the media were making a big deal out of Ryan Church's first homer. To me, that was as significant as my cat dropping a mouthful of food on the kitchen floor.

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