Thursday, March 19, 2009

New book about Mets makes big-time magazine

It's not often that a book about the Mets gets mentioned in New York magazine. In Will Leitch's article, The Hurt That Hasn't Healed, in the magazine's March 23 issue, Leitch discusses Greg Prince's new book, Faith and Fear in Flushing. It's not a book review, but it's good to see a book about the Mets making the pages of a big-time magazine.

In the near future, I'll be writing a review of Prince's book. You can read reviews of other books I've reviewed at my other sports website.

In yesterday's game against the Braves, starter Livan Hernandez now has to be the front-runner to be the fifth starter. In five innings, he gave up five hits, only one run, and no walks. Plus, he got a base hit, raising his Spring batting average to .400.

In contrast, Freddie Garcia gave up four earned runs on four hits in the first inning he pitched (the fifth). In the two innings he worked, he surrendered seven hits and five runs, upping his Spring ERA to 16.71. That should earn him the same fate as Duaner Sanchez. (I watched Garcia pitch the sixth inning. His fastball was far from fast.)

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