Friday, March 20, 2009

Mets catching needs upgrade

Now that Mets catcher Brian Schneider is out awhile with a calf strain, the Mets available catchers are Ramon Castro, Robinson Cancel, and Rene Rivera. Minaya may regret not trying to sign Pudge Rodriguez.

In yesterday's game, Castro and Cancel shared the catching duties. Together, they got one hit, a single. For the Spring, Castro is hitting .200 and Cancel is batting .167. Maybe Minaya can trade both of them for Jesus Flores.

Schneider is hitting .308. But his career average is .253. And in nine seasons, he's hit a total of 56 homers, about six per season. He's not the power-hitting catcher the Mets need behind the plate.

On the plus side, Nick Evans had two doubles and a home run and four Mets pitchers surrendered just one run. Pelfrey yielded the run, and only three hits, in six innings. However, before I start singing Pelfrey's praises, I want to see how well he pitches in his next few starts.

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