Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pelfrey brightens Mets season

I've been resisting writing about the Mets. How they finished last season disgusted me more than I realized, and I was unimpressed by their play this past Spring Training. When the season started, I didn't think Jorge Sosa belonged on the roster — still don't — and that Steven Register did. But then, I'm not a big Minaya fan.

What got me to writing today is Pelfrey's performance yesterday. He showed that he might make a difference. If he can start showing some consistency the Mets will have four decent starts: Santana, Martinez (whenever he returns), Maine, and Pelfrey. As for Perez, as I've said before, I'd rather see the X-man on the roster. Perez just lacks something. In my book, I'd trade both him and Schoeneweis. And Castillo. Why Minaya re-signed him puzzles me.

If you missed it, in his first Shea appearance this season ex-Met Lastings Milledge got one hit, a double, in three at-bats while striking out twice.

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