Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mets no better than third best

With Spring Training winding down, it's time for a prediction about the Mets' season. I'm not optimistic. I foresee them finishing in third place, at best.

Why? Their starting rotation does not impress me. Sure, they acquired Johan Santana and still have Pedro Martinez, John Maine, Ollie Perez, and either Mike Pelfrey or Orlando Hernandez. Martinez is injury prone and will miss games. Maine's having a great spring: Whether he can carry that over to the regular season remains to be seen. Perez lacks the mental toughness to be a pitcher you can count on. I'd rather have the X-man on the roster than Perez. Hernandez is past his prime and doesn't even belong on the roster anymore. And Pelfrey? I'd have traded him to the Twins and kept Kevin Mulvey. I think Mulvey will have a better big league career than Pelfrey, who just hasn't impressed me.

So that leaves the Mets with two starting pitchers the team will be able to count on: Santana and Maine. Not enough.

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