Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bring back the X-Man

It's time for Omar Minaya to undo one of the worst trades he made: Unloading Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernandez. Rumor has it that Nady's available. If Minaya can persuade the Pirates to take one of the Mets excess relievers — maybe Nelson Figueroa — who's unlikely to make the roster, he should do it. Fast.

Nady's not just an outfielder: He can play first too. And he's better than Delgado, another aging Met who's showing his age. Maybe Minaya can include Delgado in the deal for Nady and get some young players in return.


  1. Omar traded Nady for Hernandez AND Oliver Perez. It was a good trade. The Yankees need outfielders, not another pitcher.

  2. I just reread your blog. Didn't you know that the Yankees got Nady in July?

  3. ...and I just noticed your blog was dated March 12, 2008, even though I just saw it today. As Emily Latella used to say, "Never mind."