Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mets need to let go of more than Randolph

According to today's New York Post, the Mets are finally getting serious about replacing Willie Randolph. More important, they're seriously considering firing Rick Peterson, who deserved to be replaced after last season's disaster.

The Mets play since they began folding last season can be summed up in one word: inconsistent. Peterson has failed to get pitchers such as Oliver Perez, whom I wish the team would trade, to perform at a decent level.

Sure, as he did yesterday, Perez can pitch well, but he does that too infrequently. The trade of Perez for Xavier Nady was a BIG mistake. That was a Minaya mistake, one of many he's made since becoming Mets GM. Another is overloading the club with aging ballplayers better suited for retirement than for the active roster.

So get rid of Randolph and Peterson and all the aging players who are well past their prime, especially Carlos Delgado. If any can be traded, all the better. Restock the farm system with youth rather than players such as oldee Abraham Nunez, and bring back some excitement to New York baseball. Right now the team's as interesting to watch as it is to observe soda fizzling (which is what the Mets are doing).

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