Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Thoughts on Yesterday's Events

  • Matt den Dekker showed some power yesterday in Binghamton's 10-9 loss to Portland. He hit two homers, but also struck out twice, upping his strikeout total to 39 in 30 games at Binghamton.
  • The Cards' Gerald Laird caught the Mets — and Daniel Murphy, who was playing third base — completely by surprise yesterday with his sacrifice bunt. Matt Holliday didn't even have to slide to score. It was the perfectly placed bunt, one that involved luck as much as — if not more than — skill.
  • I was surprised that Collins allowed Izzy to pitch two innings, especially since Izzy had closed the day before.
  • Reese Haven's returned to the B-Mets lineup. Yesterday, he got three hits in five at bats. Havens last played on June 23 before an injury sidelined him. To call him injury-prone would be an understatement.
  • Cory Mazzoni made his weekly appearance (actually five days) for the Cyclones. He gave up two hits while striking out two in his inning of work. He's yet to surrender a run.
  • When will the Cyclones fix their box score problems. The Game Wrap and Game Log links don't work and, occasionally, the name of the opposing team doesn't even appear in the box score.

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