Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will the Mets Soon Make Another Mistake?

The Mets confusion continues, with Cliff Lee now at its core.

Mets upper management seems to believe that Cliff Lee could be the team's savior. Among the players rumored to be involved in a potential trade is Jenrry Mejia, the Mets top prospect. But the Mets wouldn't even have to consider sacrificing top prospects once again if Minaya had done a better job of building a quality rotation.

Imagine if Derek Lowe were a member of this season's rotation. Instead, he's pitching for the Braves. With them, he's 9-5. It's rumored that he's not a member of the Mets because of his age (37) and the contract he wanted (four years, $60 million). Because the Mets didn't sign him, they instead have to go with a starting rotation that includes R. A. Dickey — before you get too excited about him, check his pitching history — and Hisanori Takahashi, who've both won six games. (Each of those two has more wins this season than the Johan Santana, who's admitted his pitching arm hasn't fully recovered from last season's elbow surgery.)

Among the Mets other current "non-starters" are Oliver Perez, whom Minaya signed to a three-year contract (Why?), and John Maine, who might never pitch for the Mets again.

Returning to Lee, he's an excellent pitcher; however, the Mariners will want top prospects for him and then Lee will want a hefty contract. However, don't be surprised if the Mets once again torpedo their minor league ship to bring aboard one player. It's just their way of doing business.

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