Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cory Vaughn May Solve Mets' Power Shortage

The Brooklyn Cyclones may have the next "Queens bomber."

Wally Backman, who one of these days might become the next Mets manager, seems to think quite highly of Cory Vaughn, now making his pro baseball debut with the Brooklyn Cyclones.

A Brooklyn Eagle article quotes Backman as saying this about Vaughn: "The kid’s got all the tools. He’s got some speed, great arm strength and power."

In another Eagle article, Backman is quoted as saying: "This kid is going to play in the big leagues fast," and "I’m not going to say he’s an Ike Davis or anything like that, but he has the same potential Ike had coming here just a few years ago."

Backman's not the only coach to think highly of Vaughn. So does Tony Gwynn at San Diego State.

Here's a comment Gwynn made to a reporter from the North County Times, a San Diego area newspaper:
"When we recruited him, he was probably 6-1, he came here at 6-3, and now he's about 6-5, and it's all muscle," Gwynn said. "He puts on his uniform, and that's how you wish big-leaguers looked. And his skill set is getting better and better. I think next year at this time, he can be a monster."
Since his freshman year at San Diego State, Vaughn's improved every year. In 2008 his OPS was .758; in 2009, it rose to .959; and in 2010, it increased to 1.060. This season with the Cyclones, he's played  in 12 games and has an OPS of 1.036.

The Mets desperately need a power hitter. Vaughn might be able to fill that void.

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