Friday, June 11, 2010

A Quick Look at the Draft

It's hard to tell if any of the Mets 2010 choices will make it to the majors — so many of their previous choices never advanced from the minors — and most of those who have haven't had success, reliever Eddie Kunz a prime example. Right now Kunz is starting at Binghamton in an attempt to revive his career.

Hopefully, this year's top pick, Matt Harvey, will be able to pitch himself into the Mets starting lineup faster than Mike Pelfrey, the pitcher to whom Harvey's being compared.

A strange aspect of the Mets draft is how many college players they drafted. One Mets official said the team didn't focus on collegiates; it just happened that way. However, college players might be easier to sign than high school players, especially college seniors.

Another interesting statistic is that eight of their first 11 draftees are pitchers, and only one of them is a lefty. Of the other three, two are centerfielders and one is a catcher. All three are question marks, especially the Mets second selection, Blake Forsythe. After hitting .347 in 2009, he didn't reach .300 in 2010; however, The Hardball Times viewed him positively.

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