Monday, April 5, 2010

Met baseball resumes

I wasn't impressed by either the Mets off-season moves or their Spring Training performance. And despite their win today, I still believe they'll lose more than they'll win: Santana can't start every game.

Minaya failed to obtain a second baseman during the off-season and couldn't move Castillo, so the first two batters in today's lineup were Cora (filling in for Reyes) and Castillo. Combined they went 0 for 8.

Jacobs, their starting first baseman, today went 0 for 4, striking out twice. In Spring Training he hit .209.

And Catalanotto, whom the Mets kept despite his hitting only .257 in Spring Training, struck out in his only plate appearance. To keep him, they sent down Chris Carter, who hit .393 in Spring Training. But that's Minaya's "madness." He sent down Carter because he had options remaining. Whatever happened to starting the season with your best hitters regardless of whether they can still be sent to the minors?

Sure there were bright spots today, but I expect them to start to dim as the season wears on and many of the Mets whom Minaya has over-rated underperform.

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