Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moves I'd make if Mets GM

If I were Mets GM, before the 2010 season begins I'd make these moves:

1. Trade Oliver Perez. We've seen the best he can be, and it's not good enough.

2. Trade J.J. Putz for a starter to replace Perez.

3. Trade Luis Castillo for prospects, and move Alex Cora to second base.

4. Acquire a better catcher than Santos and Schneider. This season, I would have tried to trade for Victor Martinez.

5. I wouldn't re-sign Delgado; instead, I would acquire a first baseman who can hit with power if Ike Davis isn't ready. Then, I would use Daniel Murphy as the backup at both first and third.

6. Trade Mike Pelfrey for prospects. He's too inconsistent.

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