Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mets, yawn, win

Salvador Aguilar, a 27-year-old pitching for the Gulf Coast League Mets, may have had the worst start today of anyone in the Mets organization this season. In three innings he yielded 10 hits and 11 runs.

On the plus side, the B-Mets Ike Davis has upped his batting average to .308. He's hitting right-handed pitching well, batting .346 against them; unfortunately, he's only batting .222 against lefties. What the Big Club doesn't need is another platoon player.

The Big Club won on the road, beating the Astros with Hernandez on the mound an a patchwork quilt of players behind him. Unless a miracle happens and the Wilpons stop playing ostrich and pull their heads out of the ground, this team will be lucky to finish above .500.

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