Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mets give fans some hope

Don't let the Mets current winning streak raise your hopes too high. Remember, this is Minaya's Mets, a team that's failed the past two seasons to win the pennant after leading its fans to believe they would. It's also a team with only one top-notch pitcher. After Santana, the rest of the staff is far from star-quality. And in the bullpen, only Rodriguez has shown this season that he has the "right stuff" for the long haul.

In St. Lucie, Dock Doyle suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The Mets PR department, one of the best in baseball at keeping its team's fans ill-informed, kept Doyle's disappearance top-secret. However, in his debut, Doyle went 3-3 and walked in another plate appearance.

In Savannah, Sean Ratliff went 2-3 to up his average to .350, which is what his teammate, Josh Satin, is also hitting. However, that's not even the best average on the team: Jordany Valdespin is hitting .386.

In Binghamton, Josh Thole is hitting only five points below Ratliff. His .345 average is sixth-best in the Eastern League.

Finally, in Buffalo, the Bisons lost their 21st game against only six wins. What kind of team has Minaya assembled here?

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