Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another typical loss

It's not easy being a Mets fan. Lately, some of the Mets have been running the bases worse than Little Leaguers. And Manuel appears unable to rectify the situation.

The Mets would have won yesterday if J. J. Putz could have prevented the Braves from scoring in his inning of work, but he couldn't. A double to deep left, a double to deep right, and the Braves had their run. Right now, neither he nor Sean Green seem like smart additions.

Sheffield got two hits in six at-bats, but also struck out twice. He also left four runners on base. He's still batting under .200, yet Manuel had him batting fourth.

Church started in right and got a hit in five at-bats, but also struck out twice.

Parnell pitched well in his inning of work. An unearned run scored thanks to Wright's error. Parnell's ERA is only 1.17.

The Mets just seem to lack a killer instinct; worse, they can't seem to play smart baseball on a consistent basis. Unless that changes, the Mets chances for making the post-season will be slim.

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