Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adam Rubin is right

Adam Rubin, who writes about the Mets for the New York Daily News, predicts the team will finish second this coming season unlike Sports Illustrated, which not only predicts the Mets will win the pennant but the World Series too. Rubin resides in the real world; the SI folks are in a fantasy land.

The Mets aren't good enough to beat the Phillies. After Santana, none of the Mets starters will cause opposing batters to shake in their shoes. And in Oliver Perez, the Mets have one of baseball's most unpredictable pitchers. If I were the Mets GM, I wouldn't have even re-signed Perez. Though there was little demand in the free agent market for Perez's services, Minaya still shelled out $36 million to Perez for three years.

The Mets are also weak at second base and catcher. It's still a mystery why Minaya overpaid Luis Castillo, who still has three years remaining on his contract. By doing that, he eliminated the possibility of signing Orlando Hudson, a better second baseman.

Though the Mets are strong at some positions, overall they're not strong enough to unseat the Phillies. Thus, for Met fans, 2009 will be another long season.

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