Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Minaya outmaneuvers Manuel

There appears to be a communication problem between Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel. According to a story in today's New York Post, Minaya didn't bother to consult with Manuel about releasing Duaner Sanchez. Minaya just did it.

The move will save the Mets about $1.4 million; however, it didn't have to be done until just before the March 18 deadline. That's about a week from now. Given that Sanchez was slated to pitch yesterday, Minaya had nothing to lose by letting Sanchez pitch; Sanchez might even have had a good outing. Manuel wanted to see more of Sanchez; Minaya didn't.

Minaya's move makes me wonder what else he'll be doing this season to intrude on Manuel's authority. A manager should be allowed to select his opening day players without having to look over his shoulder to see if the GM approves. Minaya's maneuver yesterday set a bad precedent. Let's hope it doesn't continue.

New York Post story

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