Friday, March 13, 2009

Redding in the Red

After Tim Redding's disastrous outing yesterday, why the Mets won't consider signing Pedro Martinez mystifies me. I wonder if the team even knows how much Martinez will sign for. But then, their new fiscal policy focuses on cheapness.
For those who haven't seen yesterday's boxscore, in two innings Redding surrendered eight hits, one walk, and nine runs, all earned. His Spring ERA is now 40.50.
Pudge Rodriguez also seems willing to play for them. But the Mets don't appear interested in him either because the team has two catchers under contract: Schneider and Castro. Do the Mets really believe that Castro is a better catcher than Rodriguez?

Mets management is acting as if keeping costs under tight control is more important than winning the pennant. That's bad news for Mets fans.

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