Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can Ike Davis hit with power?

Yesterday, the Mets Web site listed the team's top 10 prospects. The first prospect mentioned was first baseman Ike Davis, son of an ex-major leaguer who, in his debut last season with the Brooklyn Cyclones showed the power of Endy Chavez. (In Chavez's last two seasons with the Mets he hit a total of two home runs). In 215 at bats Davis hit zero homeruns. Zero! And his slugging average was just .326. (Endy's was .330 in 2008).

One excuse given for Davis' homerun deficit was that he bats lefty, and it's very difficult for lefties to hit homers in Brooklyn with the ocean breeze blowing in. I lived in Brooklyn near the Cyclones ballpark for years and every day was not a windy day. Further, the Cyclones played half their games on the road. Few of those parks had ocean breezes blowing in from right field.

Another excuse given was that he was having trouble making the switch from the metal bats used in college to the wood bat the pros use. More excuses.

I hope the third excuse was the real cause: Lingering injuries.

I wish Davis the best this season and hope that he rediscovers the pop in his bat that he showed at Arizona State. In 2008 in college, hit hit 16 homers going into the college playoffs. If he can't, his name will have to be added to the list of Mets' first round picks who never lived up to their high selection.

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