Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not enough yet

I'm probably in the minority, but I haven't been that impressed by what Minaya's done so far. Sure, the Mets now have two new closers, either of whom should be better than Billy Wagner was last season. But to get them Minaya weakened the middle relief when he traded Aaron Heilman and Joe Smith.

Now he's in the market for Derek Lowe. If he joins the Mets, their starters will include Santana, Maine, Pelfrey, and Lowe. One excellent pitcher (Santana), one good pitcher (Lowe), and two okay pitchers in Maine and Pelfrey.

That still leaves the team with weak corner outfielders, a second baseman whom I hope the Mets don't start the season with (Castillo), a first baseman (Delgado) who's unlikely to repeat what he did last season, and two catchers who'll never win any awards for their hitting.

A few months remain before Spring Training begins. I'm curious to see what other rabbits Minaya may pull out of his hat. He'll need to do more if he's going to field a team that can defeat the Phillies.

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