Sunday, December 16, 2007

Minaya's move just one big yawn

Omar Minaya's reputation as a shrewd wheeler-dealer is diminishing faster than has George Bush's popularity.

The Nationals stole another youngster from the Mets, prying away Lastings Milledge for two players who'll never have the word "star" associated with their play.

He let the Diamondbacks obtain Dan Haren, a pitcher who would have significantly upgraded the Mets pitching staff.

He didn't bother to give Johnny Estrada a chance to show whether he could help the Mets.

And he signed three "no-name" players, catchers Raul Casanova and Gustavo Molina and right-hander Nate Field, to minor league contracts.

His best move: Getting rid of Guillermo Mota.

Ho hum. How much more boring can the Mets get?

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