Saturday, November 3, 2007

No Abreu in Queens

Well, the Yankees prevented Bobby Abreu from signing with the Mets. The Yanks took some of the money they saved from not signing Joe Torre and probably not Alex Rodriquez and decided Abreu was worth the $16 million it would cost them for him to play for them another season.

On the Yanks Web site, here's GM Brian Cashman's spin on why they had to have Abreu back: "Bobby Abreu possesses a unique skill set and has proven to be a durable and reliable asset to this club."

What's his unique skill set that makes him worth mega-millions?

The Yanks overpaid Abreu, saving the Mets from making the same mistake.

Though the Mets don't have a better right fielder than Abreu, Minaya would be better off spending the Wilpon's money on some pitching that won't fold in September.


  1. Abreu's unique skill set is the ability to put up a .408 career OBP, ninth among active players, hit for power AND steal bases. He is definitely worth $16 million.

  2. Abreu's skill may be declining, though not as fast as Shawn Green's. Last season Abreu's OBP sank below .400 for the first time since 2001.