Friday, November 2, 2007

Mets begin "faith healing" spin

The Mets Web page contained a story with this headline: "Offseason of healing begins for Mets." If ever there were a team or fans that needed healing, it's the Mets. But has the healing really begun?

Moises Alou, whose option the Mets just picked up for 2008, seems to understand the healing process. The story quotes him as saying:

"This was like a done deal in Spring Training," Moises Alou said following the Mets' elimination on Sept. 30. "I didn't make any plans for October. I wasn't going to go to the beach house. I was going to be here through October."

But too many other Mets seem to have shuttered themselves away for the winter like hibernating bears. That behavior benefits neither the team nor its fans. Those are the players whom Mets fans might want to see wearing other uniforms when Spring Training rolls around.

Right now, all a Mets fan can do is "keep the faith."


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