Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mets pen can't write winning script

It was a great day for the Washington Nationals yesterday. After starter Tim Redding's rough start, five relievers limited the slumping New York Mets to four hits, two walks, and no runs in five innings. Not one of those relievers has an ERA higher than 3.53.

In contrast, of the five relievers the Mets threw into the game, only one had an ERA that wasn't higher than 3.53. The other's ERAs were 5.29, 5.26, 4.49, and 6.75. In five plus innings, the Mets relievers gave up seven hits, four walks, and eight runs. Yes, eight!

The way they've been pitching, the Mets pen should be serving time in the Pitching PENitentiary rather than on the playing field.

The Mets lost 12-4.


  1. The bullpen sucks and I think both Willie and Omar desrve the blame. Willie because he overworks his best arms, tries to squeeze second innings out of his releivers constantly with terrible results, and is horrible at easing mishandled guys back in to pressure situations. Omar because he failed to rejunenate the bullpen after Sanchez was re-injured in Spring Training, still failed to bolster the pen at trhe trading deadline when the relief pitching was obviously the team's biggest weakness, and left the minor league system almost devoid of relief help by trading Bell, Ring, Lindstrom, and Owens without obtaining any major league caliber relievers in exchange. It's a sorry state of affairs and one that will likely cost the team a trip to the World Series, if not to the postseason altogether.