Friday, June 24, 2016

Short-Term Gain Is Not Worth Possible Long-Term Pain

On June 15, Mets Manager Terry Collins allow Noah Syndergaard to throw 115 pitches in a game in an 11-2 win over the Pirates. According to, "The 115 pitches Syndergaard threw was the most in a game this season and one shy of his career-high." Collins let him continue pitching to help him try to get his first career complete game, which Syndergaard did not get. But as a result, the team decided to give Syndergaard an extra day of rest before his next start. Then, in this past Wednesday's start against Kansas City, [continued below]
Syndergaard had to leave the game after six innings because of discomfort in in his right elbow. “I didn’t really feel comfortable the whole game,” Syndergaard said. Luckily, an MRI was okay.

When "asked why he may be having the elbow flare-ups, Syndergaard said: 'I guess you could say the workload. I’ve thrown quite a bit more pitches than I did last year at this time.'" Hopefully, Terry Collins has heard what Syndergaard said. Mr. Collins, think careers, not complete games.

No need to let a pitcher throw more pitches than is necessary — unless you want to risk shortening his career.

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