Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mets Sign 1st and 3rd Round Picks in 2016 MLB Draft

The Mets have not drafted a pitcher with their first pick since 2010 when they selected Matt Harvey, who was that draft's seventh pick. This year, the Mets drafted RHP Justin Dunn, a Baseball America third-team All-American. A good article about him titled "Justin Dunn could become BC's highest drafted pitcher Thursday" appeared in the The Boston Globe.

Blake Tibari, the Mets third round pick, was the fifth-ranked college third baseman in Baseball America’s 2016 draft ranking:
  1. Nick Senzel (drafted #2 in 1st round) 
  2. Will Craig (drafted #22 in 1st round) 
  3. Bobby Dalbec (drafted #52 in 2nd round) 
  4. Sheldon Neuse (drafted #118 in 4th round) 
  5. Blake Tibari (drafted #100 in 3rd round) 
The Mets could have drafted Will Clark instead of Justin Dunn (Mets #1 pick), but chose not to, and also chose to draft Tibari over Baseball America’s higher rated Sheldon Neuse.
An article in the The Louisville Cardinal, "Baseball’s Blake Tiberi expands his role," quoted Blake Tiberi, Louisville’s third baseman:
"I’d say as a whole I just try to get better every day. Whether its swinging, defense, I just try to work on little bits and pieces of it every day by coming in early or staying late at night after practice. It’s been about working on my game as a whole."
Later, the team’s head coach made this comment:
"He’s a great hitter," head coach Dan McDonnell said. "We always say ‘just do what you do,’ for him its trust his swing. He may have a few scuffles here and there but at the end of the day he is going to have a lot of quality at bats. He’s a guy you want up with runners on base."
Tiberi seems like the type of player who will be an asset to the Mets.

Both Dunn and Tibari will begin their pro careers with the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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