Sunday, July 26, 2015

Newest New York Mets Hit, Field, Help Team Win

In their first games as New York Mets, Juan Uribe went 1-2 and Kelly Johnson went 2-6, Johnson starting at second base and Uribe replacing Murphy at third in the seventh inning. Further, neither made an error in the field.

Some facts about Johnson:
  • According to, the MLB player most similar statistically to Kelly Johnson is Ben Zobrist. 
  • In 2015, Johnson has played only two games at second base, once for the Braves and once for the Mets.
  • This season, Johnson has batted cleanup 21 times, one more time than he has batted sixth. In yesterday's Mets game, he batted cleanup.
  • As a starter (50 games), his BA is .290. As a sub (13 games), it is .083.
  • In 19 At Bats this season at Citi Field, he has hit .333.
  • His BA on ground balls hit is .250; on fly balls, it's .277; on line drives, it's .591.
  • In yesterday's At Bats, Johnson singled, grounded out, homered, grounded out, and struck out swinging twice, the first time on six pitches, the second time on five.
On a separate note, the Mets need to start platooning Granderson ASAP. His BA against lefties is only .125; whereas, against righties, it is .280. 

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