Monday, July 6, 2015

Is the Met's Wilmer Flores Improving with the Bat?

After a 4 for 5 performance yesterday against the Dodgers (10 for 13 in the three-game series), is that a preview of Flores' potential or just a fluke? How much of the sudden improvement is due to his shift from shortstop to second base.

In my search for answers, I found the following graph on The blue segments shows Flores' batting average against lefty pitching, the red against righty pitching, and the green against all pitching.
During those three seasons, here are his batting averages against all pitchers, the 2015 average through yesterday's game:
2013: .211
2014: .251
2015: .258

What is particularly interesting is Flores' improvement against left-handed pitchers.

Here are his batting averages from 2013-15 against lefties and righties:
2013 Against Lefties, Righties: .188, .222
2014 Against Lefties, Righties: .119, .292
2015 Against Lefties, Righties: .289, .264

While the graph and and the numbers do not answer the initial questions, they do provide evidence of Flores' improvement against left-handed pitchers.

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