Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cordero Tops .500

In his last 10 games, Savannah's Albert Cordero has averaged .513. Eight of those games have been multi-hit, and in three of the last five he got three hits. Further, he didn't strike out once and has an OPS of 1.315. He's been especially effective in home games, batting .344, which is 117 points higher than he's hitting on the road.

In contrast, 2010 third-round pick Blake Forsythe is again struggling with the bat. In his last 10, he hit .243 and struck out 16 times. This season, the right-handed batter has only been able to hit .218 against lefties. Surprisingly, he's hitting 94 points higher in away games. At home, he's batting only .190.

Both players are on the roster as catchers. Just from the numbers, Cordero should be behind the plate in home games and Forsythe in the away games.

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