Friday, July 15, 2011

Brandon Nimmo, Logan Verrett, and Alex Panteliodis

The Mets have now signed eight of the 11 players they drafted in the first round, and I'm optimistic they'll signed the remaining three: Brandon Nimmo, Logan Verrett, and Alex Panteliodis.

I saw Panteliodis pitch in the College World Series and he seems to have pro potential, though he appears more as a rotation's fourth or fifth starter.

I haven't heard anything about Verrett's status for awhile. In his junior season at Baylor in 2011, he had a 2.93 ERA and a 7-6 record on a Baylor team with a 31-28 record. In the Big 12 Conference's pitching stats for 2011, Verrett ranked 12th. Another Mets 2011 draftee, Casey Hauptman, ranked 10th.

Finally, I expect Nimmo to sign, but not until next month.

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