Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Rule and a Player That Needs to be Changed

Several days ago, while pitching for St. Lucie, Matt Harvey walked the first — and only — batter he faced in his final inning. At the time, St. Lucie was ahead by a run. The relief pitcher surrendered the tying run, which was the runner that Harvey put on base. Because of baseball's current rules, the earned run was charged to Harvey. That doesn't make sense. The relief pitcher shares the responsibility for the runner that Harvey walked scoring. Therefore, the earned run should be split among them.

On a separate note, last night R. A. Dickey pitched eight innings of stellar ball, giving up only three hits and a run. When he left the game, the Mets were up by a run. But it was a lead that Francisco Rodriguez couldn't  hold. In the ninth, he allowed the Athletics to tie the game. It was his second-straight blown save. After the game, he was quoted as saying “I definitely gotta get my head out of my butt pretty much. Simple as that.” In his last 11 outings, his ERA is 9.28. It's trade time.

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