Friday, January 8, 2010

Minaya still "reaching" for players

Can a reliever with a career Major League ERA of 7.66 and an ERA last season with the A's of 14.73 in 10 games succeed in Major League baseball? Omar Minaya must believe so because he just was awarded the pitcher, Jay Marshall, whom the A's placed on waivers.

In 2008, Marshall spent the season in Double-A and Triple-A. In the latter league, he had a 6.16 ERA and a 1.974 WHIP. However, he improved in 2009. He spent part of that season in Triple-A and had a 3.20 ERA.

With regard to relievers, it's a shame that the Mets didn't keep Darren O'Day last season despite the fact that he didn't give up an earned run while with the Mets. After the Mets released him, Texas signed him. In 64 games, O'Day had a 1.94 ERA.

Hopefully, whichever member of the Mets organization decided that O'Day couldn't pitch in the Majors won't be the one evaluating Marshall.

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