Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redding Can't Reel in Fish

Fernando Martinez fails to run to first on an infield popup until it's too late and Jerry Manuel doesn't pull him from the game. Then, GM Minaya defends Manuel's action. What message is that sending to the team?

The Mets are too soft throughout the organization. They need to be shaken up every now and then.

Minaya could start by returning Tim Redding to Triple-A. He's lost his two Big League starts this season and has surrendered 15 runs in 14.2 innings. On the Mets website Redding is quoted as saying "From L.A. [where he made his first start] to Boston, I lost the ability to get ahead." If that's the case, let him work out his problems in Triple-A, not in the Mets starting rotation. But then, this is the second season in a row in which the Mets haven't had a reliable fifth starter. Now, if they had signed Derek Lowe, they wouldn't be having this problem, but Mets management decided that saving pennies was more important than winning games.

In the minors, Savannah's Jefry Marte made another error, his 20th. When will the Mets realize that he might not be a third baseman? Given that he's only hitting .207 I wouldn't be surprised if he's soon demoted. Binghamton lost as Nick Evans had another hitless game. I've never seen a player's performance collapse as fast as his has. On the plus side, Josh Thole got two more hits, upping his average to .369. Despite his hitting, Binghamton, like Buffalo, is in last place. (Mr. Minaya, how do you explain that?) And, to no one's surprise, Buffalo lost again, 10-2. I can only imagine what the morale must be on that team.

What will it take for the Mets to start drafting better prospects?

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