Friday, May 29, 2009

A look at the Mets' Minor League action

Savannah shut out Asheville behind the pitching of Robert Carson, Michael Powers, and Chris Schwinden. Outfielder Raul Reyes' three hits, including a homer, increased his average to .300. Prospect Jefry Marte appears overmatched in the South Atlantic League. He's now hitting only .191.

In St. Lucie, both Ike Davis and Reese Havens appear to be overrated. Though Davis is hitting .281, he's been having trouble making contact with the ball. Last night, in four at-bats, he struck out three times. And Havens went hitless, lowering his average to .230. On the plus side, outfielder Carlos Guzman's three hits upped his average to .305.

In Binghamton, Nick Evans had a hit, but he's hitting only .214. He seems to have lost the ability to hit. He couldn't get the job done in Triple-A and now appears to be struggling in Double-A. In contrast, Josh Thole's two doubles upped his average to .356. If I were Minaya, I'd promote him to Triple-A soon to see how well he can hit at that level.

Buffalo lost again. They're now 13-32. How Minaya could stock a Triple-A team with players unable to succeed at that level befuddles me. It's a bad reflection on the state of the Mets farm system.

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  1. I agree with your assessment in that both Davis and Havens are overrated players. In fact the whole St. Lucie team is struggling to hit the ball with the exception of Carlos Guzman who's been their most consistent hitter and least plubicized talent. It seems like all the press goe out to the more highly touted players like Havens and Davis even on days when Guzman has out performed them. I don't understand why the pundits who acknowledge his accomplishments harp on the fact that he's 23 old (5 days ago) when in fact both Ike Davis and Reese Havens are not that much younger than him. In fact Carlos Guzman has been recently moved up in the line-up to the coveted 3rd batting position where he can do damage with more baserunners.