Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts after last night's loss

Last night's Mets game revealed a significant flaw. The distance to the center field fence is too far. Beltran would have had a homer last night if the distance from home to center matched that of Shea. Further, I couldn't believe how far in the outfielders were from their respective fences (because the fences are so far out). Too far in, as Church's misplay revealed.

With regard to the Mets' starters, Pelfrey continues to be unimpressive. In his two innings he showed little movement on his pitches, plus he didn't mix up his pitches. He's lucky he didn't surrender more runs. Isn't anyone teaching him how to pitch?

Almost as bad was Pedro Feliciano, who balked home the winning run. Manuel should have left Brian Stokes in the game. On the plus side, Green, Putz, and Rodriguez pitched three innings of runless, hitless ball. Rodriguez, in particular, looks like a winner.

Finally, what was Wilpon thinking when he had a stadium built that can seat only 42,000 fans, 15,000 fewer than Shea could seat?

Good news: Billy Wagner threw 23 pitches off a mound yesterday, the first time he did that since last season.

Believe it or not: The Washington Nationals sent Lastings Milledge down to their Triple-A team. In 24 at bats he was hitting .167 with 10 strikeouts.

Interesting article about Fernando Martinez

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