Friday, April 10, 2009

Perez can't stop Reds from crossing plate

Oliver Perez's performance today demonstrates once again Minaya's foolishness in giving Perez a three-year contract worth $36 million when there was no bidding war for his services. Hopefully, not all that money's guaranteed, for when it is, Minaya's been inclined to keep such players on the roster even when the team would be better off without them.

Yesterday, in 4.1 innings, Perez gave up five hits, five walks, and eight runs, throwing 100 pitches. That's far from a professional performance, quite unlike Derek Lowe's performance in his opening-day start.

In Buffalo, the Bisons opened their season with this starting lineup:

Malo 2B (25)
Coronado SS (22)
Martinez, F DH (20)
Evans 1B (23)
Kielty RF (32)
Feliciano, J LF (29)
Santos, O C (27)
Sullivan CF (29)
Mackowiak 3B (32)
Niese P (22)

The number in parentheses is the player's age. It also reveals weak spots in the Mets organization: The average age of the starting Bison outfielders is 30, and the starting catcher is 27.

Unfortunately, the Bisons flubbed their opener, losing 6-4 to Pawtucket. Bison starter Jonathon Niese did even worse than did the Mets Oliver Perez. In two innings Niese yielded five hits, three walks, and five runs. The good news is that his 22.50 ERA will get lower as the season progresses.

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