Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pelfrey can't last five

As the 2009 season approaches, you like to see the starting pitchers increase the number of innings they pitch in each start. Unfortunately, yesterday Mike Pelfrey couldn't even complete the fifth inning. In his latest outing he surrendered 10 hits and six runs. The only Mets pitcher not to give up a run was Darren O'Day, who pitched the bottom of the eighth.

The Mets batters didn't do any better than Pelfrey. Whereas Pelfrey couldn't prevent the Astros from getting on base, the Mets batters could not get on base. They got only six hits, and no Met crossed the plate.

The Mets also just about guaranteed Livan Hernandez the fifth starter spot by sending Freddy Garcia down to their Minor League camp.

The World Baseball Classic announced its all-star team. No Met made it. The only American to make it was Jimmy Rollins. And another player who made it was one the Mets could regret not signing: Pudge Rodriguez.

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